Shima Luan (better known as just Shima) is an American YouTuber and voice actress in the Danger Dolan series. The Shima character is a beautiful female white and pink anthropomorphic cat who reads and answers questions on Super Planet Dolan. Shima also has her own YouTube channel, which features her art, bloopers from Super Planet Dolan, and more.

According to her voice actress, Shima was abandoned as a kitten and adopted by Danger Dolan. The two co-star in the animated series "Super Planet Dolan", where Shima reads fan-submitted questions and corrects Dolan's whimsical, and wildly inaccurate answers.

She is currently MIA and is away. At first, it was thought because of computer problems, but the most "known" theory is she was stalked by fans and went into hiding. Not even the Super Planet Dolan crew knows what happened, but they reassured fans that Shima is safe.

Shima's last appearance was "Do Penguins Have Knees?", recorded in March. Please do respect her privacy.

Shima luan



  • Shima is the only Danger Dolan narrator whose video thumbnails do not show her initials; instead, her symbol is a pink paw print.
  • She is much more intelligent than Dolan, usually reading out the proper questions and answers.
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