Super Planet Dolan is a YouTube channel created by Daniel James Johnson (Danger Dolan) on August 29, 2015. The channel is more of a family friendly type of channel (hence the musical numbers and drastic crackdown on swearing) compared to other Danger Dolan channels. It is the newest Danger Dolan channel created. In the videos, either Shima, Melissa or a human guest character (e.g. Nobbel87) reads and answers questions asked by the viewers while Dolan, Pringle, Nixxiom, or Hellbent gives nonsense answers that don't make sense most of the time. The channel also does animated music videos by Taylor Abrahamse to classic nursery rhymes (such as Row Row Row Your Boat). As of July 2016, the channel has already gained over 1.1 million subscribers. The videos are frequently animated by either Spinalpalm or GhostToast, but many have also been animated by Klowncar or ReturnOfTheGoo.


The channel can be found here.

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Shima luan

Shima Luan, one of the show's personalities


Danger Dolan.